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Hi Mr. Peery,

I imagine you were wondering if I would ever reply to your request. Today, my dad was able to go to the bank and retrieve the Minutes of the Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church. I have researched the minutes according to the information you found in the records at the Museum. I was able to locate when she was received into membership by letter of recommendation from another church on Saturday, September 1, 1866. The minutes do not reflect what church your great-grandmother was transferring her membership from. Also, I found where she was granted a dismissal letter on December 1, 1866, but no record of where she was transferring her church membership to. I read all the minutes in between these two dates and did not find any other Peery's. Unfortunately, the minute book is extremely large and is very fragile and can not be placed on a copy machine.

I am sorry that this does not give you anymore information than you already had. I wished back then they had realized that the more information documented would have meant something to someone. It would have been nice to have found a letter of recommendation. Unless you were called before the church for acting un-Christian like or if you were on a committee, you would not be mentioned in the minutes.

My curiosity is getting the best of me. Where did your great-grandmother born? I know you said she was a Hayes.

Sorry I could not be of further assistance.


Steven Lyles
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Thanks for talking to me on the phone today.

In the records at the Mt. Lebanon Historical Society there was a card that said:

Peery, Penelope
rec'd by ltr, Sep 1866
dis by ltr, Dec 1866

This is my great grandmother. Her maiden name was Hayes. I'm looking for any information on her or her family. Any letters, photos, church records, or other records. If you find any records, please make a photocopy for me. I will be happy to reimburse you for your effort.

Thanks for your help.

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